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How to - Deposit; Withdraw. |


  1. 1.
    Click 'Connect Wallet' and choose a supported wallet to connect. (Ledger will work via Station)
2. Choose the (1) asset and amount -> Click (2) 'Deposit'
3. Your chosen wallet will pop up and you have to confirm by (2) Password and (3) clicking 'Post'
4. The 'Deposit Note' appears. You have to back it up to make sure you can witdraw later. You can back it up by (1) 'Copy' -> Copies the Note to your Clipboard or (2) 'save note as' -> Downloads a .txt file with the Deposit Note inside. After backing up click (3) 'I saved Note String' and confirm again with (4) 'Ok'


  1. 1.
    No need to connect a wallet. Paste Deposit Note & Address of your choice.
2. Click 'Withdraw' -> a popup will appear.
3. Contract sending withdraw transaction -> 'Success!'. You can now click 'Close'. Done.