Empowering DeFi with zK shielded trading accounts. Privacy and compliance, seamlessly united. 🧘🏽‍♀️


In a world where every transaction leaves a trace, privacy in digital interactions has become a luxury. The realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) is no exception. On-chain transactions, despite their many benefits, leave a digital footprint that is visible to all — a potential goldmine for anyone keen to exploit this public information. The need for privacy-preserving transactions is more critical now than ever, and one project is taking strides towards making this a reality.
Introducing Redacted, a revolutionary project that is set to transform the DeFi landscape with its Shielded Accounts. Driven by cutting-edge zk-SNARKs technology, Redacted is taking a vanguard approach to privacy in DeFi transactions.
Our users have the opportunity to own a piece of Redacted by receiving a monthly share 100% of all fees collected by Redacted. All the fees that are earned by our privacy solutions etc. end up (50/50) directly in the wallets of $RED and Ronin NFT stakers.
While some wonder if those seeking privacy have something to hide, we say privacy is a basic human right - with the ability to present oneself in public with dignity.
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