Redacted Money

Introduction; Welcome to Privacy.
A decentralised economy needs decentralised money, decentralised money needs to be private and privacy needs to be accesible.
Our mission is to provide an accesible and easy to use interface for discretion with your digital assets on the terra blockchain.
Informational selfgovernance is a basic human right and as it is right now all of your transactions at every point in time are forever etched into the blockchain for everyone to see.
If I went and bought an icecream cone one day with a stable coin and suddenly you know my entire balance and transaction history. We can't have that.


Public blockchains are great for transparency, but personal financial privacy is entirely destroyed by it. Everyone with your wallet address can calculate your net worth and record your transactions. For the crypto space to not turn into a cyber dystopia, we need to think about our financial privacy.And we just delivered the solution for you:
Redacted Money a trustless Zero Knowledge protocol that exists to bring users an easy to use way of securing your transactions from prying eyes.
Our users have the opportunity to own a piece of Redacted Money by receiving a monthly share 100% of all fees collected by Redacted Money. All the fees that are earned by our privacy solution and so on end up (50/50) directly in the wallets of $RED and Ronin NFT stakers.
While some wonder if those seeking privacy have something to hide, we say privacy is a basic human right - with the ability to present oneself in public with dignity.
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