💰Revenue Model

Private Banking, as the name suggests, helps to mask the identity of users, ensuring transactions remain confidential. In the case of Redacted, these accounts aren't just about privacy; they are also a significant component of the revenue model.

Every transaction made through a shielded account involves a minimal fee. While this fee might seem inconsequential on an individual level, it forms a considerable revenue stream when accounted for the multitude of transactions happening every day on the platform.

Volume / Revenue Example

  • Alice generates her access to a Redacted Account.

  • Alice Swaps 10,000 USDT to USDC.

  • At 0,3% per Swap, this will cost 30 USDT in fees.

  • 15 USDT now get distributed across $RED stakers.

  • 15 USDT will get distributed to Ronin holders.

In the grand scheme

Competitor Analysis reveals to us key values for realistically achievable Volume and TVL:

  • At an Average of $50M Volume per Month in the latter stages of this projects development, the expected fees to be split up equally are 150,000$.

Here's one more example in which we estimate the monthly volume much lower than that of competitors currently:

  • Starting at $1,5M Volume per month and adding $0,5M per month in succession would yield 522,000$ worth of fees after only two years.

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