Ronin NFT

What is that even supposed to be?
The Ronin NFT is the first NFT with a real groove. Besides the chic look, you can do much more with it. As an Ronin NFT owner, you have the opportunity to own a piece of Redacted Money by receiving a monthly share (50%) of all fees collected by Redacted Money. All the fees that are earned by mixing and so on end up directly in the wallets of the Ronin NFT owners.
The shares that are paid out to the owners, paid in $LUNA. In the future, it will also be possible to determine the token of the payout here.
We sold exactly 2968 Ronin NFTs (at that time we were still called TerraBay), raising 742,000 $UST, which was to go towards the development of the protocol.
Fortunately, most of the protocol was completed before $UST & $LUNA (now $USTC & LUNC) collapsed. Unfortunately, not much of the money was really left after the collapse.
In the meantime we operated with partly private funds & the Emergency allocation from Terra.
Since the Ronin NFT was minted on Terra Classic, it was migrated to TerraV2 by Knowhere at the end of July 2022. This was done automatically. The action of the holder was not required.
Our Ronin NFT is the most attractive to HOLD here is why:
Ronin holders will earn all the fees earned from mixing - so if you own a Ronin NFT you "own" a part of Redacted and its revenues.