🥷Ronin NFT

  • Collection Size: 2,968 Ronin-inspired NFTs.

  • Revenue Sharing: Each NFT grants its holder a 50% share of all fees generated by Redacted.

Owning a Ronin NFT is synonymous with owning a 50% stake in Redacted's revenue. The remaining 50% of fees are allocated to $RED stakers, fostering a robust ecosystem.


In February 2022, under our former name TerraBay, we launched the Ronin NFT collection on the Terra blockchain. This initiative was met with remarkable success, selling 2,968 units and raising 742,000 $UST. The funds were designated for the development of our innovative protocol, which, fortunately, was largely completed before the dramatic collapse of $UST and $LUNA (now $USTC & LUNC). Despite the financial setback from the market's downturn, our project's vision and commitment remained steadfast.

The Ronin NFT, initially minted on Terra Classic, seamlessly transitioned to TerraV2 in July 2022. This move was not just about the NFTs but signified a pivotal moment for the entire project. During this transition, we successfully launched our first privacy-centric protocol on TerraV2, showcasing our adaptability and dedication to delivering value across our ecosystem.

However, recognizing the limitations and seeking a more robust ecosystem for our project and its approximately 1,100 Ronin NFT holders, we decided to migrate. This strategic shift allowed Ronin NFT owners to continue earning rewards, underscoring our commitment to their long-term value and the project's resilience.

Our journey from TerraBay to the present, through challenges and adaptations, reflects our dedication to innovation, community, and the relentless pursuit of opportunities for growth and improvement.

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