Doing things differently - Providing Limitless Privacy!
Redacted is intended to serve as an easy-to-understand entry point for users who are concerned about the privacy of their finances. As we plan to offer anonymous transactions to all crypto users, there will be entry and exit points, which can initially be on any IBC/EVM chain. The driving force for this solution is still our protocol on Terra, which is characterized by ease of use and cost efficiency - in other words, it will be the simplest privacy solution you have seen.
The introduction of the cross-chain function of the redacted protocol ultimately means that the coins/tokens to be anonymized from each blockchain supporting our smart contracts are transferred to Terra. These then remain on Terra until the owner of the deposit note decides whether to cash out the now anonymized coins/tokens to a Terra or any available IBC/EVM Chain.
TL;DR We want to expand beyond Terra and the Cosmos while still having the magic being done on Terra.
This will be a universal tool for everyone on all chains to use while benefiting the Terra Community and the Redacted Community in the end. We plan to achieve this goal with partners like Axelar and Route 🎉 Our cross-chain solution makes redacting to and from different chains very easy for all users. You could deposit for example axlUSDC on Terra and withdraw them anonymously to axlUSDC on Ethereum or Osmosis or all the other supported chains.
Privacy is Essential for Truly Decentralized Finance - Let’s make Privacy on Terra available for Everyone!
Last modified 1yr ago