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About $RED; Tokenomics redefined
'$RED' Token Logo
The $RED token provides both utility and serves as a governance token.
Our goal is long lasting worth of reward so that the reward may scale with it's users.
You have the opportunity to own a piece of Redacted Money by receiving a monthly share (50%) of all fees collected by Redacted Money.
All the fees that are earned by mixing and so on end up directly in the wallets of $RED stakers.
The shares that are paid out to the stakers, paid in $LUNA. In the future, it will also be possible to determine the token of the payout here.
The $RED token was first available for purchase via our in-house launchpad / ICO.
You can now trade it at:
Astroport ( RED/LUNA , RED/axlUSDC ) or TFM ( RED/LUNA , RED/axlUSDC )
Here’s how the initial supply of 10,000,000 $RED would break down:
  • 20% (2,000,000 $RED): Airdrop to Ronin NFT holders & $LUNA stakers
  • 25% (2,500,000 $RED): ICO (Initial Coin Offering)‍
  • 30% (3,000,000 $RED): DAO Treasury‍
  • 25% (2,500,000 $RED): Founding developers and further deveplopements
Airdrop 🪂
Users who have believed in Redacted Money from the beginning should have a say in the future of this protocol. For this reason, we will airdrop a large portion to all Ronin NFT holders.
Furthermore, the airdrop also applies to stakers of $LUNA.
The exact formula for the airdrop is being determined at the moment and will be updated here afterwards.
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