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Redacted mixes your transactions with other peoples assets before delivering you the prespecified asset after the prespecified time period to the prespecified address.
Redacted is a service that mixes different streams of potentially identifiable cryptocurrency on an open ledger blockchain. This improves the anonymity of transactions, as it makes it harder to trace the origin. Redacted Money is a non-custodial privacy solution for Terra. The backbone of security for Redacted Money is our zk-snark (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) technology implementation. This is a form of cryptographic proof that allows one party to prove it possesses certain information without revealing that information. For this a secret key is created every time prior to a transaction taking place.
Three quick bullet points about zero knowledge:
  • You can prove to someone that you know a secret without revealing the secret
  • That person can verify that you know the secret without knowing the secret
  • Avoiding that any watching 3rd party will see that you know anything at all
Redacted Money works by creating a cryptographic disconnection between a deposit and a withdrawal. To achieve privacy, Redacted Money uses smart contracts that accept tokens deposits from one address and enable their withdrawal from a different address. The smart contract serves as a pool to mix all depositing addresses. Once the funds are withdrawn by a completely new address from those pools, the on-chain link between the source & the destination is broken.
Something to keep in mind: metadata matters! If you do all from one IP, without using TOR or other Proxies it’s pointless. A connection between all dots could be made through your IP address. We recommend you use TOR.
A hidden service for Redacted Money is soon to follow!
How to use the dApp:
You deposit $LUNA into the smart contract via the dApp interface.
After depositing you are given a key that is important to withdrawing the funds.
After depositing the mixing takes place. It works right away, however to improve the anonymity set leaving the funds deposited for a while works favorably.
With each new deposit that takes place after yours the privacy gets fortified.
A user submits the key that was given to the depositor at the start and can now transfer the $LUNA to the specified recipient.
This could be a self transfer to a different wallet of yours or you give the key to someone you want to make a transaction to and they claim it to their wallet.
Either way the on-chain link between depositor and recipient is broken.
1% fee for 10 $LUNA
1% fee for 100 $LUNA
0,5% fee for 1,000 $LUNA
0,5% fee for 10,000 $LUNA
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